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My story begins at Columbia University.


I was a kid hungry to take on the next battle: obtaining my MA in teaching. For ten years, I'd prepared for this grandiose moment. And when it came time to leap out of my skiff and into the classroom, my whole world turned upside-down.


For the first time ever, I realized the education system wasn't teaching young adults to live into their highest selves. It was all about memorizing and repeating facts that were irrelevant to personal success in the real world, i.e. The Arena. (No wonder my students were so exhausted!) I was dealing with some serious anxiety at the time, but I was alarmed that the younger generations coming on behind me seemed more stressed, anxious, disillusioned, and generally lost. That's when I knew I didn't have the heart to stay in education.


Ten years of internships. Ten years of striving for straight A's. And! $90,000 of debt. All for nothing.


Well, not all for nothing.


After I left teaching, I made a new commitment to myself to start walking on my own hero's journey. This would start with hanging Anxiety on the scaffold and rescuing my childhood vision of becoming a published author out of the Dream Tower.


Since then, I've been using my passion for YA fantasy to call young people out onto their own hero's journeys. My favorite thing in the world, other than writing stories, is to influence someone to pursue their passions. "Ra ra ra," thou sayest? No, but I speak not of hobbies. I mean the mission in your soul. The one thing you know you're meant to do. Your purpose in this world. I've had the privilege to watch precious friends battle to become more of the hero that was inside them all along. This is what I live and fight for.


You have an inner legend waiting to be called. I believe there's so much greatness in you. Don't let traditional education tell you who you can and can't be. RISE and fight for the call in your heart. The world needs YOU.


My friend, welcome to the Land of Epic Legends.


Are you ready to become a world legend?


Let’s do battle together by joining the legends of the Four YOU can become a legend today.