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(Four Kingdoms: Origins #1)

A young boy of a once great bloodline must rise to stop the obliteration of his realm.

Fourteen-year-old Jaime Pappas expects to live the remainder of his life on the chilly alps of the Air Kingdom. But he doesn't expect royal soldiers to arrive to his farmstead—or execute his brother for treason.

Forced to run, Jaime's world upends when he discovers a chilling prophecy that will call him to exchange his farmer’s cowl for a crown. Meanwhile, ancient nightmares are returning to the mortal world. Signs abound that the end of times is near. His true enemies might not be who they seem.

A boy will have to master the forgotten art of the elements to stop the obliteration of his kingdom... even if it means killing his long lost father.

Fans of classic fantasy will love this.


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#1 in Epic Fantasy
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Queen of Diamonds

(Four Kingdoms: Origins #2)

Born of water. Forged in fire. A new queen rises.

Sixteen-year-old Lady Eridene Swansea dreams of nothing but freedom from exile for her mother's crimes. As war rages in the West, destiny seems to pass her by…until the court offers her an opportunity to redeem herself.

A mysterious warlord has declared himself Lord Regent of the enemy kingdom. If Eridene locates his base for the court, her inheritance will be restored. She seizes her chance to redeem herself and save two kingdoms…only to fall in love with the very man she must turn over.

Eridene and the Regent's forbidden passion for each other becomes her only hope of saving the West—but can the love between them last?


(Four Kingdoms: Origins #3)

Born of light. Crowned by darkness. Only he can save the Four Kingdoms... or be its end.

After nine years of servitude to the enemy, Toran Binn is eager to come home—only for poverty to pummel him in the gut. Before he can recall why he escaped home in the first place, royalty is murdered. Toran must find the true killer by the end of summer or watch his best friend’s execution.

Miles of cornfields lead to an ancient, horrendous plot to end the world—which he is at the center of. Destiny shifts when the dark offers to repay him with a crown that belongs to him by blood…

Torn between love and hunger, can the seventeen-year-old save the world…or will he be its ruin?

The Last Phoenix

(Four Kingdoms: Origins #4)

He is one decision away from the ruin of his family… and all the earth.

With the Dark now quelled, Prince Arrys returns to the sun-kissed Earthlands ready to relinquish his blade for his coronet – until a clash with a rising cult forces him to question everything he holds true. Worse, the growing atrocities of the royal house tests his blood oath to his family.

But when his own beloved brother frames him for the highest treason, Arrys must race onto a new journey to find the truth. The deserts become his only refuge against the most powerful family in existence... and an evil beyond what he could have ever imagined.

Blood will be spilled, and an ancient pact broken. The fate of the Four Kingdoms balances on one nineteen-year-old...

Can Arrys Nyzarêtor rise against the Far East’s true enemy—even if it means the destruction of the Sages, and putting to sword the very family member he loves most?

Fifth Kingdom
(Four Kingdoms: Origins #5)

Nations will fall. One must rise.

Prince Jaime Ascaerii stands at the doorstep of a golden age. Under his foster father’s rule, the Air Forces number fifty thousand, and the beloved Air Kingdom is stronger than ever before.

But when an insidious power in the Far East deceives him into kneeling before the High Throne, whispers of murder and prophecy emerge from the dark.

Ancient terrors are lurking in the Far Eastern deserts, but the one they most fear is coming. He was once known as Destroyer of Nations and the One Who Does Not Bleed. Now, the survivors who remember call him the Abomination.

Upon the murder of royal blood, the Abomination will herald the end of the ages.

Nations will fall. Chilling prophecies will rise. A boy must learn to lead in an unexpected world war… or mankind will forever fall to chains under the Far-Night.

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