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Jasmine Young's Books

What if you could build villages, towns, cities, and even realms
on the continent of Elondria?

The Realm-Building Enterprise makes it possible.
All you have to do is hatch a dragon egg - legally, that is.
Become a rider of the Dragonsteel Order and start your first dragonpost.
Build your campaigns, ally with other posts, and earn rewards as you ascend in rank.
uild under the Enterprise rules, but never, ever go rogue.


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Realm Breaker

build realms,
and become
the next greatest

on the continent of



Dragon Rider Fantasy


Current Books:

A Descent of Dragons
A Breaking of Realms
A Quest of Rangers
A Banishing of Kings


four kingdoms: origins


Meet an
unforgettable cast
that will


and bleed,
for control over
the Four Kingdoms.

The Fhaeykin are returning. A new world order looms.

Four invincible mage bloodlines enforce peace over four mighty realms. 
For 3,000 years, their po
wer has reigned undisputed.
But an Old Power is returning out of the dark.
One thing is certain: a world war, and a new era, looms - 
But the weak and broken may have the power to
 stop the inevitable coming of the Far-Night.

Loosely taking place 3,000 years after Realm Breaker, four young heroes must find a way to resurrect the old Fhal Eolmond Alliance to stop a dread invasion of Dark Fae... and the end of the world.



Epic Fantasy Adventure


Current Books:

The Morrow Fall
Winter's Blade


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