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a breaking of Realms
(Realm breaker book one)

Build realms. Follow the rules. Don’t go rogue.

The Realm-Building Enterprise is open to all. Under the laws of the Republic Empire of Aranor Elondris, anyone may rise to glory and become the next legendary dragon rider.

All it takes is hatching an egg—a legal one, that is.

Skálda Branwright dreams of leaving the Longcold and becoming the first rider to build an official realm. But that may prove difficult after she defies the Enterprise and rescues a wild hatchling.

This is no ordinary dragon. It was best kept dead. The Enterprise is a human’s ticket to a glorious future—but it is ruthless to those who would defy the elven family that made the rules.

She never meant to steal a dragon. She always meant to build a realm. She never wanted to break the continent.

A Realm-Breaker is coming.

Anticipated release before December 31, 2023. Subscribe for updates on book launch date.

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