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a building of empires
(Realm breaker book three)

The Lords of elves, dragons, and dwarves are brandishing their blades for what will be the largest war in continental history… for it is known a Bael walks the Nine Realms once more.

Skálda Branwright races to take her dragon south to escape a continental hunt. But when the ruthless Order of True Light joins the hunt, bringing with them inquisitors, masters of torture, and an old friend ripe for betrayal, she will face an inevitable decision.

She must keep running, or help advance her dragon to become the Bael he was born to be.

Meanwhile, Sorenthor the Dragonslayer has returned from the dead with the North’s greatest dragon... a weapon that could turn his own people against him.

The Astoraines are far from fallen, for theirs is a bloodline never to be betrayed.

Two on Elondria will rise to build the next greatest empire. Only one will succeed. But to do so will mean plunging the high powers into a war for an ancient weapon that could be the key to unleashing Bale’s full power…

And the hunger to Break the last habitable world.

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