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Winters Blade eBook cover.jpg

Winter'S BladE
(Four Kingdoms: Origins #2)

Born of water. Forged in fire.

War has raged in the West for nearly two decades. The realm of water will never forgive the treachery and betrayal of fire. But the Auld Lords are returning out of the dark, forcing a brave few to question the true origins of the conflict...

In the hinterlands of Glaidde, Lady Eridene Swansea yearns for nothing but stopping the war - and restoring favor with her court. For she is a half-blood, deemed country scum for her barbarian mother's crimes. Where she knows little of dinner parties, she knows much of the sword.

She will stop the war at all costs.

She will wield the claymore, the blade of her ancestors... even if the Great Houses would kill her before ever believing the depth of royal intrigue.

She will speak the truth, even if one of the foulest terrors of the Old World wakes from the deep... for all who have dug too far have been silenced.

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