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A  Commoner from

My name is Jasmine and I hail from Norcal.


I’m on a journey to find and develop legends. Once, so many giants tried to stop me along the way. One of them was named Anxiety. Another Eating Disorder. And still another, Low Self-Image.


In my YA days, before I faced these enemies, I felt unloved. And unloveable. I grew up in a stepfamily where unequal attention was given to my half-siblings. Over the years, internal voices convinced me that people didn’t like me. So I became terrified of talking to people, standing out, and daring to achieve anything great. My self-image eventually fulfilled itself. I was excluded from parties and sleepovers. I stood in the corner of department stores as clerks heaped praises unto my little sister on how beautiful and skinny she was. By the time I got to college, I felt ugly, fat, and unworthy. That’s how my eating disorder began.


I was so broken inside, I turned to YA fantasy, then my own writing, to escape my reality.


During the Journey...

Several years passed. With only a staff and sandals on my feet, I journeyed through mountain ranges, limitless oceans, and storms of hell. The Village of NorCal grew tiny with every step I took, yet some days I felt like I was making no progress. The giants made a point to appear at every bend. On Halloween of 2015, I followed the riffraff into a local tavern and blacked out for the first time. The next morning, I couldn’t remember anything. My friends told me they tried to turn me on my side as I retched up barrels of grog. They said they thought I was going to die.


It was in the middle of this sea storm that I met my mentor: Personal Development.


A  New Mentor

PD was a shape-shifter who took many forms: books, audios, conferences, and entrepreneurs with armor made of pure love. They showed me how to properly take a stance against the giants. Many dark nights followed. I cried when no one was looking. I shoved sugar down my throat till I felt sick, only to despise myself the next morning. A few times, I even wished I would die.

But the mountains started to become easier to climb. I entered a new land I had never seen before. I conquered Anxiety Disorder and Eating Disorder. I discovered the secret gem of building an unshakeable self-image. My mentor eventually betrothed me to Inner Confidence. One day, I blinked against dawnlight and realized I was standing in Florida... and the Land of Personal Freedom.


My passion for a heroic fight is why I connect so well with fantasy, especially when the characters are YAs. It’s why I still write. It’s why I am on a search to find young legends out there who dare to rise and voyage to their greatest journey yet.


To the kids & teens out there:


You are a legend. There’s only one kind of you, my friend. I have been on this journey long enough to promise you: you can achieve anything. You have immeasurable inner strength. Fight for your victory. The world needs YOU.

Are you ready to escape your ​reality and become a legend?

You can - today. Join the legends to become a legend by leaping into the epic world of the Four Kingdoms: Origins series.

Jasmine Young