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The Morrow Fall Cover.jpg

The Morrow Fall
(A Four Kingdoms: Origins Novella)

A mighty bloodline will fall. A beloved king will sing his final song.

Every dawn, beloved Sage-King Lairdos sings aloft the highest battlements to his people - a testimony of the grace and power of the High House Ascaerii. Under his oversight, only the season of summer has ever reigned.

When all the Sages receive a harrowing call from a long-fallen throne to bend the knee, for the first time since the First Age, the survival of the Ascaerii line looms unclear.

A sun will darken beneath eternal storms. A king will sing his final song. A world will weep for the last Ascaerii.

Meet a cast of powerful characters that don't appear in the Four Kingdoms: Origins main novels. Touched with humor, romance, and a king's heartfelt promise, read this novella today to learn the truth about what really happened to Jaypes's last Air Sage.

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