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1:1 Mentoring for YAs

Develop empowering new skills and accelerate your writing career

  • 30 min
  • Free
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Service Description

Are you a young adult with dreams of becoming a successful writer? Do you feel like you lack support? Do you feel stuck? And do you know, deep down inside, you have high potential that burns to be unlocked? I felt the same way as a teen, too. So what if I tell you I'll give you FREE mentorship and help you succeed? What is mentorship and how is it better than "beta-reading"? All successful people have coaches and mentors. Coaches help accelerate you grow with teaching and accountability. Because they've been where you want to go, they will develop you and show you the way. They will push you to become greater than you ever could on your own. If you're serious about career success and standing out from the crowd, having mentors is a must. So why is this better than a beta-read? A few reasons. #1: A beta-reader can pretty much be anyone off the Internet. They could blindly give you any advice that could be contrary what the professionals in the publishing industry think. Usually, beta-readers don't have fruit on the tree. This is a key difference. If you want to be a pro-athlete, would you take advice from your average sports fan or the best celeb athlete in the world? #2. Email communication lacks being able to have a discussion around your writing. It also lacks our ability to ask deeper questions that will develop YOU for the long haul, and not just your story. When you become a better writer, the stories you write will only continue to get better and better = career success. Why are you being so generous? What's the catch? The truth is…no catch. As a young adult author, my mission is to empower YAs to become their highest selves and achieve their biggest dreams no matter how impossible they may seem. Specifically, because I love writing, I want to serve young adults with dreams of becoming successful writers. I didn't have that kind of support as a teen. People rejected my writing or told me I couldn't be a successful writer. I don't ever want that to be the case for a YA. Eligibility: - Must be a "young adult" (13-19 years old) - Only accepting speculative fiction, i.e. fantasy and sci-fi (this is the only genre I have strong experience in) - Serving on a first, come, first serve basis - If you quality, connect with me at so we can discuss you and your manuscript I look forward to connecting!

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