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Welcome to the Four Kingdoms

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The Four Kingdoms is nearing the end of the world...

The Four Kingdoms is ruled by Sages, holy beings that are said to be descended from the very gods. Sages alone have the rare ability to control one of the four elements - air, water, fire, and earth. It is because of their invincible might that they are given the right to rule. With each Sage ruling the throne of his corresponding element, the Four Kingdoms is at peace...

Or so it seems.

War breaks out in the West, where the Emperor of Fire has broken his sacred covenant of unity by declaring war on the Water Kingdom. The Air Kingdom itself is on the verge of civil war. The elements are growing out of control - banestorms, once existing only in the ancient days, begin to cover entire continents. Mt. Arajhura, the volcano in Kaippon, is smoking after 3,000 years of slumber. Could this be a sign that the Four Kingdoms is coming to an end?

But while the Sage-Kings are warring against each other, an ancient horror rises from the shadows. Four unlikely teens may be the only hope to saving their world. But can they stand against the darkness and their own monarchs, who carry a dangerous secret that may undo the entire charted world?

Are YOU ready for battle?

Join the four in a six-book escapade into breathtaking worldbuilding - a land of mages, darkness, slow-burning romance, and deadly political intrigue. Here, epic legends are made...

Four teens may be the only hope of saving the world. 

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World Map

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The Four Kingdoms

The battle begins... Which Kingdom will you fight for?
Kingdom of Air

Jaypes is the smallest of the Four Kingdoms. The Jaypan people have long been peacemakers, and are best known for their epics, poetry, and the silver-tongued rhetoric of their senators. If you ever get a chance to travel there, Jaypan wine, pomegranates, and goat cheese are a must.

Landscape: Mountainous island with exotic coastlines.

Climate: Sultry summers, damp winters.

Present King: Usheon Ottega

Royal Sigil: Elhorn

Jaypes Kingdom 2021 (PNG).png
The West Map  (PNG).png

If you enjoy pints and lawless ballads by a roaring fire, ​Glaidde is the kingdom for you. With its unprecedented armada of galleons, the Water Kingdom is by far the most technologically developed. Be wary on the thoroughfares, though. The southlanders are at odds with the barbarian Glennish who dwell in the icecaps of the north.

Landscape: Boundless pine forests with glaciers tipping the north.

Climate: Airy, crisp summers; bone-chilling winters.

Present King: Gildas Brennte

Royal Sigil: Seafell

Kingdom of Water

Kaippon is ​one great land of poetry. Their warriors cultivate perfection in all things from the moment they're born. Sushi, dumplings, and miso soup can all be found here. But with Viro Tazuga rising to the throne, the Fire Kingdom has grown belligerent. It currently is fighting a seventeen-year war with Glaidde, with a hungry eye on Jaypes.

Landscape: Jade mountains blanketed by black pine.

Climate: Humid summers and typhoons; snowy winters.

Present King: Viro Tazuga

Royal Sigil: Raikkon

Kingdom of Fire

In the days of yore, Larfour was named Guardian of the Kingdoms. The Nyzaretors, the ancient family that founded the Four Kingdoms, were crowned High Kings, to be obeyed even by the other monarchs. But 1,500 years ago, the mighty Earth Kingdom shut its borders. No one knows why, and no one has seen a Larfene since. It's not known whether the people or the High Kings still live.

Landscape: Unknown.

Climate: Unknown.

Present King: Unknown

Royal Sigil: Desert Phoenix

Kingdom of Earth
Larfour Kingdom Map (PNG).png

Even less known than Larfour is the Fifth Continent. 3,000 years ago, a crevasse known as The Rift tore open the earth, and otherwordly energies from The Empyrean, the spirit world, poured forth. It was from those energies that a few men learned how to control the elements. And some scribes even say strange creatures and flesh-eating monsters crawled onto the mortal world...


Today, the Kazadur Peaks​ surround the continent, making it unscalable for any mortal. But rumors have it that the rare explorer that finds a way through goes mad from the Empyreal energies that are still thick in the land.

The Fifth Continent
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